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Monday, 18 April 2016 06:47

Earth Day, 2016

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  In our opinion, Repurpose should be added to the list of suggested ways we can all do our parts to help this great planet we live on.  We’ve been repurposing things forever!  And not because it’s trendy – we do it because we actively want to do our part to reduce our carbon foot print.  And think about it – Goodwill has been reusing and recycling forever too!


In honor of Earth Day – we’ve decided to focus our repurposing efforts on our four legged friends.  First up was a pet bed made from an old piece of luggage.  First step was giving it some feet.  We knew any pup would love his/her bed being elevated a bit.  We always have small branches laying around – so they became the feet.  We did place some felt chair leg covers over them to protect the floor.  Using the fibers from a pillow, we crafted our own comfy cushion with a t-shirt.  Once the cushion was in place, we used an afghan to make it even more plush.  Last but not least we added some embellishments just for fun. 


IMG 0003IMG 0005


Once we had this project done we just started playing around with t-shirts.  We ALWAYS have a ton of t-shirts so we made quite a few toys for both dogs and cats with them and a fun little cave for our kitties.  The cave was a huge hit.  It was made simply by wrapping a t-shirt around a box.  The neck opening became the entrance.  The dog toys were made by braiding and knotting t-shirt strips that we pulled on until the resembled ropes.  Cat toy balls have catnip inside them and no cat can resist ribbons – even if they are made from t-shirts. 


IMG 0011IMG 0016


Overall our pets were quite pleased with our creations…  and we thing yours will be too. 


                                                    IMG 0020


There are tons of Earth Day events going on.  Make sure you take part in something and learn a thing or two on how to better take care of our planet.

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OMG - Oh My Goodwill!

Welcome to our blog!  We want to show you some of the really amazing things you can find at a Goodwill store.  With a creative mind and a little patience you can find current, fashionable clothing and home decor at your local Goodwill.  We will help you find looks that works for you or your home without break the bank account.  Most importantly - shopping at Goodwill comes with a warm fuzzy that you can't get at most places.  When you shop at Goodwill you help fund Goodwill's mission.  Your support helps people make the transition to independence and self-reliance.


Goodwill:  You never know what you'll find, but you're sure to find something....

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