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Goodwill Industries of Mid-Michigan is one of 174 Goodwills in North America, serving a 10 county area from Flint to Bay City, and Owosso to Lapeer.
211 member organization in the United States, Canada, and 24 other countries.
Goodwill Industries of Mid-Michigan is a member of Goodwill Industries International's
Goodwill Industries of Mid-Michigan operates 17 retail thrift stores in nine mid-Michigan counties.
97% of Goodwill Industries of Mid-Michigan's revenue to fund its programs is earned.
Goodwill measures outcomes using its Performance Improvement System.  Copies are available by going to "About Us".
Goodwill helps people with disabilities and other special needs make the transition to independence and self-reliance.
Goodwill Industries International, Inc.
United Way of Genesee County CARF accreditation focuses on quality, results
Friday, 18 September 2015 07:55

Orange could be YOUR new black

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There is a racy little tv show put out by Netflix called “Orange is the New Black”.  While this tv show may not be up your alley, this can become your new mantra heading into the autumn/winter season.  Orange started showing up last year and held strong into spring/summer.  But this year?  Hold onto your hat!  This new pantone shade is sure to add some punch to an otherwise drab season.  And yes… Pantone has declared orange to be part of the trendiest colors for fall, 2015.  While orange may be a challenging color – you must admit; there is something playful about orange.  It’s not rays of sunshine like yellow, but it does emote a playful attitude. 


Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Victoria Beckham all are showing orange in their fall/winter collections. 



And so is your local Goodwill store! 


IMG 4137IMG 4134IMG 4140

The best thing about adding orange from Goodwill?  At our prices – this really can be your disposable, fall 2015 look that you wear for one season and not lose any sleep over how much money you spent.  We say give orange a chance this season.  We find it to be a flattering shade for just about everyone.  Another nice thing about orange?  It pairs nicely with gray; which is also included in the list of “must have” colors for fall.

IMG 4129IMG 4125

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OMG - Oh My Goodwill!

Welcome to our blog!  We want to show you some of the really amazing things you can find at a Goodwill store.  With a creative mind and a little patience you can find current, fashionable clothing and home decor at your local Goodwill.  We will help you find looks that works for you or your home without break the bank account.  Most importantly - shopping at Goodwill comes with a warm fuzzy that you can't get at most places.  When you shop at Goodwill you help fund Goodwill's mission.  Your support helps people make the transition to independence and self-reliance.


Goodwill:  You never know what you'll find, but you're sure to find something....

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