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Benjamin Herbert was referred to Goodwill Industries of Mid-Michigan for an On-the-Job-Evaluation (OJE) to access what Benjamin's skills were and what training he needed. In those four weeks, Benjamin worked on decreasing his negative self-talk and building up his self-confidence. After successfully completing the On-the-Job-Evaluation, Benjamin was referred back to Goodwill for Job Development. Benjamin began to become discouraged after not finding a job after six months of searching. However, with patience and interview practice, Benjamin was hired as a packaging specialist at Michigan Brand, Inc. This company is located in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Their handcrafted premium meats include hams, jerky, sausage,and snack sticks. You can find their products at local retailers' through-out the state, many of which may have been processed and packaged by Benjamin himself! Benjamin continues to work at Michigan Brand, Inc. part-time and is considering progressing to a full time position. He states that he enjoys his work very much and is excited to watch his savings account grow.  #powerofwork



Tracey was referred to Goodwill Industries of Mid-Michigan in 2017 for a Work Assessment with the intent to see what her skills were and what her training needs may be. Tracey found this experience to be overwhelming and was unable to complete the assessment. She struggled with the pace of her jobs, lack of confidence and finding the right match for her. Over the next 4 years, Tracey was referred to Goodwill's Assessment/Work Adjustment programs several times. Tracey continued to battle with her learning disability but was deter­mined to complete the assessment. In 2021, Tracey was once again referred from Michigan Rehabilitation Services to the Work Adjustment program. Although, Tracey still struggled with some of her previous issues, she worked very hard at minimizing her negative thoughts, focusing on her work at hand, and building her self-confidence. Tracey was able to complete her program and recognize her growth. At the end of the Work Adjustment, Tracey was offered a volunteer position in the store that she had been training in. Tracey accepted the position and continues to work hard for Goodwill and enjoys being part of the team.  #powerofwork

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Monica Douglass is a Flint Township Store Associate who encourages and motivates every team member by offering kind words and helpful tips. She helps train new employees and offers helpful suggestions. Monica uses kind constructive criticism with redirection when someone is discouraged. When we have had no donation attendants Monica has stepped into the position load­ing and unloading the truck along with taking in donations with exceptional donor service. Monica is willing to help in any area of the store. She will come in early and stay late to ensure that product is full in textiles and wares to ensure that production will continue. Monica lets everyone know how working for Goodwill at the Flint Township location has strengthened her and is thankful for the friends that she has made. Monica con­siders the team part of her family, and will help however she can.  #powerofwork

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Daniel Ferguson is the 2021 Operations Employee of the Year. Daniel's energetic, friendly personality is contagious no matter what department he is working in. Daniel is always on time and never misses a day! Daniel is great with remembering his teammates names, whether he has worked with them for years of just amonth. He goes above and beyond each and every day. #powerofwork

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Karen Peters grew up in Nicaragua & moved to the United States when she was 7 years old. Although her primary language is Spanish, she is fluent in English as well. She has a background in retail & worked at Burlington Coat Factory in Miami, Florida before moving to Michigan. After the move, Karen became her mother's primary caregiver until she passed. Karen found herself feeling depressed after her mom's passing and the stress was causing frequent seizures. With the encouragement of her case manager, Karen reached out to Goodwill Industries of Mid-Michigan for a four week­long Work Assessment. Soon after starting at Goodwill, supervisors noted her excellent work ethic, willingness to pick up additional hours, and ability to efficiently work with the team members. Goodwill staffencouraged her to apply for an open position on the warehouse team and as a result Karen was hired in December of 2021. Karen has made many friends at Goodwill and is always willing to help wherever need­ed. At times, a language barrier presents Itself, but with the assistance of a trans­lation service and other Goodwill work­ers that speak Spanish, Karen has been successful.  #powerofwork



Danielle Hengehold was referred to Goodwill lndustries of Mid-Michigan from Michigan Rehabilitation Services to evaluate her skills and any training that she may need. She started her 3-week Assessment in a Goodwill store in August of 2021. Danielle was a little shy when she started, but displayed a great work ethic. She began working with the sorting and tagging of clothing by placing them on racks. Eventually when the rack was full of clothes she would place them out on the floor to be sold. As her confidence rose and she became more confident with her duties, Danielle started to feel more comfortable interacting with staff and customers. After a successful completion of her assessment, Danielle was offered a position in the same store. She expanded her knowledge of the work stations and became a valuable member of the Goodwill team. Danielle continues to work at the store and welcomes learning new tasks as needed.   #powerofwork



Jamiece Taylor, is a junior in high school that did not have any work experience. In the Spring of 2021, Jamiece was referred to Goodwill Industries of Mid-Michigan for a 6-week Work-Based Learning Experience doing janitorial work at the school. After working in a janitorial position, Jamiece began a two-week Work-Based Learning Experience at the Saginaw Children's Zoo. During his time at the zoo, Jamiece demonstrated strong leadership skills. He encouraged other students to break out of their shells, went out of his way to help guests find their way around the zoo, and could often be found making jokes with zoo staff members. Jamiece has always been a social person. While working at the Saginaw Children's Zoo he learned to harness his out-going personality and pair it with great customer service. His favorite animal exhibit to work was the Outback exhibit, which featured two kangaroos and an Emu named Penelope. On his evenings off, Jamiece researched the Great Emu War of 1932 and went out of his way to inform guests of this historical event as they observed Penelope. The seasonal zoo staff members approached Mission Services' staff to inform them that they were impressed with his dedication to the job, and enjoyed working with him immensely.  #powerofwork

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